Meet Danny

Inspired by the both the past and current world around him, the works of artist Danny Broadway portray movement, light and emotion in colorful images of people, nature and activities. With a love of experimentation, he uses different types of mediums and imagery to transform an image in his mind to a work that connects with the viewer’s soul. In addition to his own inspired paintings and drawings, Danny’s commissions have found homes in a variety of corporate and individual settings.

Danny was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and grew up commuting between there and Memphis, Tennessee. Some of Danny’s earliest memories are of drawing not only on paper, but on furniture and clothes; a practice which did not go over well with his mother and grandmother. It wasn’t until the seventh grade, when his art teacher pulled him aside and told him he had artistic talent that Danny had the idea he could actually make art.

His interest in art continued to grow throughout high school, and Danny cites his high school art teacher, Miss Poole as a big influence in his decision to pursue art. Memphis became his home after graduating from high school in North Little Rock, where Danny attended the University of Memphis and received a degree in Fine Art. Memphis Remains his home.